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Hirose FH58 Series, 0.2mm/0.25mm Pitch FPC Connector with Top and Bottom Contact
Hirose has introduced the FH58 series range of compact Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors for small portable electronic devices that require high-speed transmission.
6 Watt DC-DC converter optimized for IGBT, SiC, and MOSFET gate drive applications from Murata
Murata has announced new additions to their MGJ6 series of isolated 6 Watt dual output DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions.
STMicroelectronics Boosts Access to High-Performance Embedded Design with New STM32F7 MCU Lines and Ecosystem Extensions
STMicroelectronics has introduced new STM32F7 microcontroller lines and added accessories and options to the development ecosystem, easing access to high-performance embedded design based on the ARM® Cortex® -M7 core.
AD5592R and AD5593R Configurable 8-channel, 12-bit, ADC/DAC/GPIO combination chip from Analog Devices
The AD5592R (SPI Interface) and AD5593R (I²C Interface) ADC/DAC/GPIO combination devices include a 400-Ksps ADC (analog-to-digital converter), 6¼ sec settling time DAC (digital-to-analog converter), digital inputs/outputs, and a reference on a single chip
CamdenBoss expands DIN-Rail Instrument case and Housing range to help speed products to market
CamdenBoss, provider of performance engineered interconnection and enclosures, has extended its DIN-Rail enclosure range with a new family of instrument boxes offering low profile and deep profile versions.
STMicroelectronics Extends Feature Integration and Flexibility of STM32F4 Access Line
The new STM32F413/423 MCUs target always-on sensor acquisition and general-purpose industrial applications and present a robust and cost-effective upgrade from STM32F1 MCUs.
Analog Devices ADRF5130 Silicon Switch
The ADRF5130 double-throw (SPDT) silicon switch enables designers to reduce hardware size and bias power consumption in cellular radio systems.
Murata expands 100uF and above MLCC range
Murata has expanded its GRM series of 100uF and above monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) in 0805, 1206 and 1210 sizes, the range now features 100uF, 150uF, 220uF and 330uF capacitance values.
Hirose FH53 series 0.2mm pitch FPC connectors
Hirose has introduced the FH53 series, a range of Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors for small portable electronic devices that require high-speed transmission. The connector series offers excellent impedance characteristics, and delivers high-density
Introducing Precision NTC Thermistors from TDK
Precise temperature measurement is becoming ever more critical, especially in industrial, lighting and microcontroller based applications where products are becoming more densely packaged.
Low-Cost DSP Development Platforms from Analog Devices Accelerate Time to Market for Image Sensing Applications
Analog Devices have introduced a low-cost Blackfin processor-based development platform targeting demanding ultra-low-power, real-time applications for image sensing.
ISL2802x Highly Accurate Digital Current Sense and Voltage Monitors from Intersil
Intersil's ISL2802x digital power monitor (DPM) family delivers high accuracy measurements in a wide input common mode voltage range (0V to 60V), providing designers with a high level of safety margin.
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