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Solving Precision Data Acquisition Challenges with Heterogeneous Integration

6th October 2021, 11:00

Hosting Platform: Zoom

Analog Devices has been at the forefront of precision data acquisition technology for many years. In this session you’ll find out how they’re combining their precision technology with the latest heterogeneous integration technology to bring new levels of performance and system benefits to the market. They’ll also share details on some new products which bring these benefits to applications in the industrial and instrumentation markets.


  • What is heterogeneous integration and why it’s important for precision instrumentation?
  • What it means to bring heterogeneous integration to the broad market.
  • Benefits that heterogeneous integration brings to precision.
    • Higher density
    • System-level accuracy
    • Project development and lifetime cost
  • Newest products from ADI that use heterogeneous technologies, for the industrial, instrumentation, aerospace, and medical markets.
  • Future possibilities in integrated precision
  • Q&A



Presenter:Stuart Servis

Job Title: Applications Engineering Manager

Presenter Bio: Stuart Servis is the applications engineering manager in Analog Devices’ Signal Chain µModule team, based in Limerick, Ireland. His team use heterogeneous integration technologies to create high performance signal chain products from ADI's core precision technology building blocks. Stuart has over 20 years’ experience in precision data acquisition signal chains, based on Sigma-Delta and SAR ADC’s. He holds a B.Sc. in Applied Physics and Electronics from National University of Ireland, Galway.







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