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Introducing the MGJ2 series of DC-DC converters for Gate Drive applications from Murata
The MGJ2 series from Murata Power Solutions are 2 Watt DC-DC converters featuring high isolation with dual outputs housed in a compact form factor through hole package.

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eldoLED introduces UL Class 2-compatible LINEARdrive DC 100


eldoLED has introduced a new member of its ballast-style, constant voltage LED driver range, the LINEARdrive DC 100.

LINEARdrive DC 100, targeted at lighting applications that use a large number of low-power LEDs and meet UL Class 2 requirements, is a powerful LED driver/controller and UL Recognized Component for the North American lighting market.

The DMX and 0-10V compatible LINEARdrive DC 100 can be integrated in a network or used as a standalone device. It is easy to configure over its intuitive, 3-button user interface with display. The 15-bit control resolution gives extremely smooth dimming and fine colour mixing. Measuring 6.02" x 1.97"x 0.91", LINEARdrive DC 100 is small enough to fit neatly in most of your designs!

6A of power output at 12V

Driven at 12V, the LINEARdrive can handle a maximum load for the connected LED strips of up to 6A in total. For RGB LED strips, this results in a maximum load of 2A per channel; and for an RGB + white LED strip combined, in a maximum load of 1.5A per channel.

4A of power output at 24V

Driven at 24V, the LINEARdrive can handle a maximum load for the connected LED strips of up to 4A in total. Consequently, the maximum load per channel for RGB LED strips is 1.3A, and 1A per channel for an RGB + white LED strip combined.

Setup is a breeze!

The LINEARdrive features the most intuitive user interface on the market for complete driver configuration. The easy-to-navigate menu allows you to:
*set the number of channels
*set DMX and 0-10V settings for networked mode
*set show, color and dim values for standalone operation
*activate a configuration lock, preventing accidental changes to the settings
*perform a visual test run of connected LED groups


LINEARdrive's ShowMaster functionality allows you to upload show sequences for use in standalone mode. You can create and manage your own show sequences with the eldoLED TOOLbox and freely available PC software!

For more information, or details on the full range of eldoLED products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

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This news article was originally published in November 2010.

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