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Introducing the ABP Series of High Accuracy Digital or Analog Output Pressure Sensors from Honeywell
Honeywell have introduced a new range of Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors, ABP Series. These new cost-effective analog and digital sensors are amplified and compensated, provide either I2C or SPI output, and are the smallest of its kind in the industry

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Versatile LED drivers from Diodes Inc. increase reliability of high brightness lamps

Diode's AP5727 - Boost converter for the bias voltage of small size OLED and LCD displays  

The ZXLD1370 is a high accuracy LED driver controller; the LED load current that can be delivered is dependent on the external MOSFET.
It can be used as a Buck converter, Boost converter or Buck-Boost converter and is Diodes’ first LED driver to offer this functionality.

The device can drive up to 16 LEDs in series from a voltage source of 6.3V to 60V. Series connection of the LED provides identical LED currents resulting in uniform brightness and eliminates the need for ballast resistors. The ZXLD1370 switches at frequencies up to 1MHz, which allows the use of small size external components, hence minimizing the required PCB area.

A 1.5A LED driver converter is expected for 2Q10 release.

The ZXLD1370 provides the simplest cost effective solution for driving multiple 1W LEDs

  • High accuracy LED control: 1% reference tolerance
  • Better brightness control and matching between lamps
  • Multi-topology device - 1 device can be used in buck lighting, boost light and buck-boost lighting apps
  • LED thermal management via external thermistor improves reliability of LED lamps
  • Separate 1000:1 PWM dimming capability improves dynamic range of dimming at lower light levels
  • Switching frequency up to 1MHz reduces value of inductor reducing size of solution
  • Two-pin diagnostic feedback pins
  • Reports back to system the state of LED driver and load can be used to increase reliability of overall system

Circuit functions

  • Buck driving of 3W and 1W LED
  • Constant Current Source
  • Boost driving of 3W and 1W LED

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This news article was originally published in May 2010.

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