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Anglia introduce the DF58 Series Low Profile, 1.2mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors from HIROSE
HIROSE has introduced the DF58 series to deliver a space-saving, low profile, wire-to-board connectivity solution for miniature applications.

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Diodes announces a boost converter for the bias voltage of small size OLED and LCD displays

Diode's AP5727 - Boost converter for the bias voltage of small size OLED and LCD displays  

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the AP5727, a high efficiency PWM boost DC/DC converter (integrated switch), designed to generate bias voltages for small OLED and TFT-LCD display screens.

The device can generate up to 30V from a Li-Ion cell and switches at 1.2MHz allowing use of tiny external components. Internal compensation, built-in soft-start and integrated switch reduce the component count, PCB area and cost.

The AP5727 has a 1.25V feedback voltage and is available in SOT23-5, making it compatible with industry standard boost converters used for bias voltage generation.

Click here to download a datasheet

For more information on the full range of Diodes Inc. products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

Alternatively, click on this link to go to the main Diodes Inc. section where you can view other news articles and product data.

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This news article was originally published in November 2009.

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