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Murata piezoelectric sounder produces world's most detectable volume for warnings and notifications
Murata have developed the world's most distinctive surface mount piezoelectric sounder, originally designed for automotive applications the surface mount PKMCS1818E20A0-R1 sounder is suitable for use in many other rugged environments.

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eldoLED's ECOdrive: where efficiency meets intelligence


ECOdrives are highly integrated, cost-effective, enclosed and easy-to-configure constant current driver/controllers for high-brightness, indoor LED lighting applications.

ECOdrives can be integrated in a network or used as standalone devices. ShowMaster, supported on all eldoLED driver/controllers, allows you to upload show sequences for use in standalone mode. You can create and manage your own show sequences with the TOOLbox and freely available PC software.

ECOdrives feature one LED current source that drives up to 4 LED groups. They are DMX- and LedSync-compatible, allowing 15-bit dimming and colour control and bidirectional communication for driver configuration and temperature read-out.

Highest power efficiency
The ECOdrive Series: cost-effective 4-channel constant current LED driver/controllers for networked (DMX, 0-10V) or standalone high-brightness LED luminaires that require a power output of up to 45 watts. A wide input voltage range (12V-32V DC) and state-of-the-art drive and control technology give ECOdrive a power efficiency of up to 95%.

Unprecedented ease-of-configuration
ECOdrive has an intuitive, 3-button user interface with display that allows you to set all relevant parameters such as the number of channels, DMX network start address for networked mode and show/colour/dim values for standalone operation. ECOdrive’s user interface lets you set the LED current to any value between 200mA and 1.4A in 50mA steps.

Robust thermal management
ECOdrive has built-in over temperature protection and an NTC interface. The latter allows LED throttling, a gradual decrease of light output until normal operating temperatures are reached.

ECOdrive: highly integrated, enclosed and easy-to-configure driver/controllers for high-power, high brightness, indoor LED lighting applications.

• Available in 15, 30 and 45 watt versions
• DMX- and 0-10V compatible
• High power efficiency of up to 95%
• Suited for all LED types currently on the market
• Unprecedented ease-of-configuration
• Extremely smooth dimming and fine colour mixing: 15-bit control resolution
• ShowMaster: user-definable show sequences
• NTC interface
• Very low EMI
• Compact form factor: 153x50x23mm / 6.02"x1.97"x0.91"

Click here to download the ECOdrive Display Datasheet

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This news article was originally published in December 2009.

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