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Introducing the ER8 Series, 0.8mm Pitch, High-Speed, Board-to-Board Connector from HIROSE
HIROSE has introduced the ER8 series of connectors that supports high-speed transmission of more than 10+Gbps for industrial applications.

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Cree announces XLamp® performance breakthrough with their new XP-E colour LEDs


Cree has expanded its industry-leading XLamp® XP-E range to include the highest performance family of discrete, high-power colour LEDs available.

With the industry’s highest performance, the XLamp XP-E colour LEDs provide up to 22 percent more flux than the existing XLamp XR colour portfolio, with an 80 percent smaller footprint. The XP colour portfolio is available in flux bins, at 350 mA, up to:

  • Royal Blue: 500 mW
  • Blue: 39.8 lumens
  • Green: 107 lumens
  • Amber: 56.8 lumens
  • Red-Orange: 62.0 lumens
  • Red: 56.8 lumens

Compared to the current XLamp XR colour LEDs, space between the LED die can be reduced by 75 percent with the new XLamp XP-E colour LEDs. This reduction in spacing can allow better colour mixing and shadow reduction for colour-based applications, including decorative, architectural and entertainment lighting. Samples of the XP-E colour LEDs are available from Anglia, with production quantities targeted for Q3 calendar 2009.

"We have leveraged the LED chip and packaging innovations developed for our lighting-class white LEDs to deliver real performance gains in high-power colour LED applications," said Paul Thieken, Cree marketing director, LED components. "The combination of technology innovation and package flexibility gives designers working with Cree’s colour LEDs increased brightness, flexibility and control."

Learn more about these products at

  • Decorative lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Entertainment lighting
  • Emergency-vehicle lighting
  • Channel letters
  • Signals


Max. Current (mA)
Dominant Wavelength (nm)
Min. Flux @ 350 mA
Flux Bins up to
@ 350 mA
Royal Blue
425 mW
350 mW
500 mW
30.6 lm
23.5 lm
39.8 lm
100 lm
93.9 lm
87.4 lm
80.6 lm
73.9 lm
67.2 lm
107 lm
51.7 lm
45.7 lm
39.8 lm
35.2 lm
30.6 lm
56.8 lm
56.8 lm
51.7 lm
45.7 lm
39.8 lm
62.0 lm
51.7 lm
45.7 lm
39.8 lm
35.2 lm
30.6 lm
56.8 lm


Last Updated
Data sheet
April 29, 2009

For more information, or details on the full range of Cree products available from Anglia, please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

Alternatively, click on this link to go to the main Cree section where you can view other news articles and product data.

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This news article was originally published in May 2009.

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