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Pickering extends stand-off voltage up to 4kV for popular 104 series high voltage reed relays, samples available from Anglia
Pickering have increased the stand-off voltage values for its prevalent small-size 104 Series high voltage reed relays with the addition of a 4kV model. The newly introduced version has a 1000VDC stand-off voltage improvement on the previous 104 Series

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Mini joystick is new choice for menu selections


Knitter-Switch has introduced two new “mini joystick” switches at this year’s Electronica. These new switches are primarily designed for industrial applications where a more rugged construction is required.

Both models feature up-down and side-to-side switching actions with a “push to select” function in the centre position. This multi-function action makes it possible for a designer to replace five conventional switches with just one Knitter-Switch mini joystick.

The two models are available to accommodate through-hole, the TSJ31, and surface mounting, the TSSJ30. Both types feature positioning pins to improve stability on the PCB and the through-board model has snap-in terminals for better mounting retention.

Switching contacts are rated at 15VDC/20mA, contact resistance is <100mOhm, insulation resistance >100MOhm, dielectric strength is 100VAC for one minute and operating temperature is –25ºC to +70ºC. The switch body is 12.4mm² and 5.7mm deep and the operating lever is 5.7mm long with a tip diameter of 3.3mm.

Typical applications will include ‘menu selection’ for remote controls, for adjustment of probes in measuring equipment, instrumentation and hand held controls for machinery and robots etc.

“Industrial products require more robust switches than normal and our new mini toggles meet this requirement while enabling a reduction in the total number of switches a system may require.” Comments Terry Moss, General Sales Manager for Knitter-Switch UK. “A joystick switch also increases functionality and makes control functions more logical."

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This news article was published in November 2004.

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