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STMicroelectronics introduce MEMS pressure sensor with embedded temperature sensor in a water-resistant package, samples available from Anglia
The LPS27HHTW from STMicroelectronics is an ultra-compact piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor which functions as a digital output barometer, the device also embeds a temperature sensor to monitor ambient temperature levels.

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Murata introduces the GYROSTAR® series of compact, surface-mount piezoelectric gyroscopes


Murata has introduced the model ENC-03M GYROSTAR, a compact, surface-mount piezoelectric gyroscope (*1) for detecting video and still camera vibration.

The ENC-03M measures only 12.2 x 7.0 x 2.6 mm and weighs a mere 0.4 g. This device, which is approximately 60 percent smaller than Murata's existing ENC-03J series (15.4 x 8.0 x 4.3 mm), makes the ENC-03M the smallest piezoelectric gyroscope in the industry. Despite its smaller size this new product features equivalent electrical characteristics.

Murata manufactures piezoelectric gyroscopes incorporating vibrators that utilize the company's original ceramic bimorph structure(*2). As a result, these products are compact in size and can be manufactured with greater efficiency. The compact, low-profile ENC-03M requires significantly less mounting space due to its new three-dimensional support structure in which the vibrator's support pin is joined directly to the circuit board. Additionally, the integrated IC has been made even smaller through the use of CSP (*3) technology, while the use of the cap-base structure (*4) has reduced the product's profile.

The ENC-03M is a surface-mount component compatible with automatic surface mounting equipment. As a result, this process contributes to increased mounting density and greater production efficiency.

This product is useful in multiple applications, including detection of robot posture, detection of movement of head-mounted displays and pointing devices and camera vibration detection.


  • 1 Piezoelectric gyroscope
    A gyro sensor detects the angular velocity of an object. It is used to detect the position of an object in motion or to control its posture. A gyro sensor that uses a tuning-bar type, tuning-fork type, or cylindrical vibrator as its detecting element is called a vibrating gyroscope. Murata's piezoelectric gyroscopes use piezoelectric ceramics for the vibrator.
  • 2 Ceramic bimorph structure
    A structure in which two ceramic sheets are joined together. This structure results in smaller devices and more efficient commercial production. Since the ceramic sheets can be vibrated efficiently, a vibrator with such a structure is well suited for detection of angular velocity.
  • 3 CSP
    Abbreviation for chip size package. This refers to an IC package whose mounting area is almost as small as the silicon chip it encapsulates. This configuration minimizes the area necessary for mounting the IC.
  • 4 Cap-base structure
    A structure in which an element or circuit is mounted on a base and covered with a cap.


  • Compact (12.2 x 7.0 x 2.6 mm) and lightweight (0.4 g)
  • Surface-mount configuration is compatible with automatic mounting


  • Camera vibration detection in video and still cameras
  • Detection of robot posture
  • Detection of movement of head-mounted displays and pointing devices

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This news article was published in October 2003.

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