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Introducing the NFM series of SMD 3-Terminal Low ESL Capacitors from Murata, samples available from Anglia
The NFM series of 3-terminal low ESL capacitors from Murata are designed for use in circuits to suppress differential mode EMI noise on semiconductor power lines.

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OKO's low profile, slimline relay is capable of switching up to 8 amps

  The K4M, OKO's recent addition to their range of signal, power and automotive relays, is designed specifically for applications where space is at a premium.

Yet due to its Silver Alloy contacts, the K4M series relay is capable of switching up to 8A, 250Vac/30Vdc, and is therefore suitable for power switching applications such as motor and heating controllers. The relay also provides 5kVac isolation/8mm creepage and clearance between coil and contact.

Housed in a compact case which is over 2mm lower in height than the leading competitor and just 10mm wide, the K4M series is ideal for use in applications such as domestic temperature controllers where manufacturers and customers would prefer to keep enclosure size to a minimum.

The K4M series is packed with features, and offers the choice of SPCO and SPNO contact forms in 2 industry standard footprints. OKO appreciate that they also need to consider the wider implication of using relays, and have consequently provided a substantially lower coil power consumption of only 220mW. This is critical with a Slimline package such as this, where board designers have the room to put several relays on each board, yet do not want the problem associated with heat build up in their unit.

Like all new products, the K4M series has undergone months of strict testing at Anglia's laboratories in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, where they are capable of simulating relay loads and carrying out accelerated life tests. John Nash, the Marketing Manager for Relays at Anglia, was impressed with their performance when they were tested against similar products from competitors:

"Yet again OKO have surpassed themselves by designing a compact relay that is capable of switching up to 8A. Our new product testing procedures are very stringent, ensuring our customers get a very reliable product at a great price. In fact, one of our competitor's products had 9 times as many failures as OKO when we tested these relays, that is testament to OKO's design capabilities."

Key to Anglia's success is their pricing structure, and the K4M series is no exception.

"We appreciate that this style of relay is used in very competitive markets, and we have taken a decision to price this product for the more cost conscious designs such as for the fire and security industry. Some of our competitor's prices are more than 20% than Anglia's. That doesn't make them better, just more expensive!" Nash added.

As with many other relays in the OKO range, the K4M series is UL recognised. Furthermore the series conforms to VDE0435.

Samples are available, as is design support, and the standard voltages of 5, 6, 12, and 24 Vdc are stocked items, in line with Anglia's policy of selling from stock where ever possible.

For more information on the full range of OKO products available from Anglia please call +44 (0)1945 474747 or email

Alternatively you can click on the link below to view the data sheets for the K4M series relay.

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This news article was originally published in August 2001.

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