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Pickering extends stand-off voltage up to 4kV for popular 104 series high voltage reed relays, samples available from Anglia
Pickering have increased the stand-off voltage values for its prevalent small-size 104 Series high voltage reed relays with the addition of a 4kV model. The newly introduced version has a 1000VDC stand-off voltage improvement on the previous 104 Series

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New chip varistor series for automotive applications from KOA


The requirements on product reliability in the automotive sector are among the toughest in industry. Targeting these demands KOA has introduced the chip Varistor series NV73DL for automotive applications. The complete AEC-Q200 test data is available now for the new Varistor series.

The NV72DL Varistor is idealy suited for counter measures against ESD voltages. Its symmetrically non linearity V-I characteristic absorbs positive and negative surges.

The NV73DL offers high maximum energy of up to 1.5 Joule in a 1206 package. Its low leakage current contributes to the efficiency of the whole system. High reliability is achieved by excellent resistance to cycling temperature stress. All these values combined make the NV73DL series ideal for absorption of surge voltages in automotive, occurring from inductive loads, motors and relays etc. They are also suited for protecting semiconductor elements against over voltage.

Three different Varistor chip sizes are available: 0603, 0805 and 1206 (inch). The Varistor voltage range covers 10V up to 90V. Operation of the NV73DL is possible between -40°C and +125°C.

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This news article was published in June 2008.

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