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binder appoints Anglia to strengthen UK market presence
binder, a world leading manufacturer of industrial circular connectors has appointed Anglia Components as distributor for UK and Ireland, as part of a strategy to grow its customer reach.

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Taicom launch range of single plane terminal blocks to aid access in confined spaces


Taicom's new TBHP and TBVP series terminal blocks combine a high current capability with the convenience of having the wire entry hole and the screw on a single plane i.e. where the direction of the conductor and screwdriver run parallel.

Available on a standard 5mm pitch the connectors are offered in either vertical or right angle mounting style for maximum versatility.

Designed primarily to enable high current wire connection to PCB’s in restricted spaces the series is based around an industry standard modular design. Both the TBHP & TBVP series can be used where the area around the PCB is limited or the PCB is enclosed such that access is only available via one point. Because the wire entry hole and screw can be accessed via the same plane, only one access hole in the enclosure is required instead of the usual two holes, 90° apart, that are necessary for traditional terminal blocks (one for wire entry and one for screw adjustment).

Typical uses include situations where there is a requirement to fully enclose the PCB in a case, which may even be potted for additional security, or where units are placed in areas where access to two positions is either impossible or inconvenient. Applications can cover for example process instrumentation, control systems, SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition), test & measurement, I/O modules, signal linking and telemetry equipment.

Both series are rated at 15A 250Vac and feature rising clamp style wire protection with a large wire acceptance range of up to 2.5mm2 and a wide operating temperature range of -33°C to +120°C. Offered in 2 to 12 ways, captive combi screws are fitted as standard. The connector’s modular construction allows an infinite combination on the number of ways to be achieved depending on customer’s individual requirements.

As with all Taicom connectors the TBHP & TBVP series use only the highest quality materials and production techniques and feature high visibility green coloured polyamide insulators which are flame retardant to UL94V-0.

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This news article was published in April 2004.

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