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Anglia introduce the DF58 Series Low Profile, 1.2mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors from HIROSE
HIROSE has introduced the DF58 series to deliver a space-saving, low profile, wire-to-board connectivity solution for miniature applications.

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Eurohm introduces industry compatible power metal film resistors

  Eurohm's range of fixed resistors has been further extended by the introduction of two series of power metal film resistors, namely the PF01 and PF02.

Housed in red flameproof bodies, they offer the high stability and reliability afforded by metal film technology, yet are capable of dissipating either 1Watt or 2Watt. Both series are compatible with existing industry accepted resistors. However, Eurohm's significant investment in resource and production methods results in more cost effective products but which retain quality and performance at their highest possible level.

PF01: A series of small size, power metal film resistors with a 0.25Watt body size (6.5 x 2.5mm) but rated 1Watt at 70°C and protected by a red flameproof coating. They are equivalent to the industry recognised PR01 and available in E24 values from 0.22ohm to 1Mohm, 5% tolerance, identified by a 4 band colour code. Temperature coefficient is less than 250ppm/°C and maximum working voltage is 350V.

PF02: A series of higher power metal film resistors rated 2Watt at 70°C but with a reduced body size of 10 x 3.9mm, and again protected by a red flameproof coating. Equivalent to industry recognised PR02 they are available in E24 values from 0.33ohm to 1Mohm, 5% tolerance with a 4 band identification. Temperature coefficient is less than 250ppm/degC and maximum working voltage is 500V.

All parts are supplied taped and are available in ammo-boxes as standard. Alternative lead forms, taping and packaging can also be provided in keeping with Eurohm's customer focused approach of offering a complete range of factory options.Click on the links below to download technical data:

Click on this link to go to the main Eurohm section where you can view additional product articles and data.

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This article was originally published in January 2002



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